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The Early Childhood/Preschool business is one of the number one rapidly growing businesses throughout the nation.  Families are always seeking out safe, loving, educational facilities with trained and knowledgeable staff.   If you are interested in starting a preschool or afterschool program from scratch or interested in purchasing a preschool,

Please give us a call (786) 314-1406. 

One of our Preschool Developers will be happy to assist you.

        Services offered from start to finish

·         Initial Consultation (up to 2 hours)

·         Business Plan

·         Location Search

·         Lease Negotiation

·         Site floor plan

·         Complete licensing application process for County and State

·         IRS EIN Number assignment

·         Scheduling of all State, County and Fire inspections

·         Preschool supply and furniture purchasing

·         Marketing

·         Hiring of teachers and support staff

·         Setting up staff and children files

·         3 months of post follow up assistance and consultation

*****We also provide preschool business assessments for existing preschools*****






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